According to a report by Hopkins of WPDH, an exceptionally aggressive otter has been harassing parkgoers at the Six Mile Waterworks Park in Albany, New York.

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According to the report, there was no indication on whether the otter was acting defensively or if it was rabid. The City of Albany Water Department was working with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Albany Animal Control to capture and remove the angry otter.

WNYT NewsChannel 13 posted a video of the otter acting strangely in the park.

Well that would certainly ruin an otherwise nice day at the park. Imagine going for a nice casual walk and seeing an adorable otter hanging out pretty close to the people in the park. So you think to yourself "wow I'd like to get a good picture of that otter so I can tell everyone how cool it was and see the jealousy in their faces." And then as you get a little closer to the otter, you realize your friends won't be jealous of your otter encounter anymore because it look angry and now it's chasing you through the park.

The Albany Water Department announced that they would keep residents updated on the otter situation but has not posted any update since announcing the otter's presence in the park. No other outlet has been able to announce what happened to the otter either, so it's possible that the especially hostile animal is still harassing people in a different area of the park.

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