A few residents of western New York's Chautauqua County have claimed that the ever-elusive Bigfoot is actually living in their forests.

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According to a report from Terry Belke of WGRZ, dozens of Chautauqua County residents have claimed to have seen Sasquatch in the county's forests. Peter Wiemer, a sponsor of the annual Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo, told WGRZ "They are from all kinds of walks of life. There's 45 eyewitnesses that have reached out to me, there's a hundred or more in Chautauqua County that aren't talking to me."

So is Bigfoot hiding out in New York forests? Shockingly, like most "I saw Bigfoot" claims there's still no concrete proof of it just yet. But those western New York residents will surely keep trying to find it. And you really can't help but admire the dedication that some have to proving the existence of a creature that people have been unsuccessfully searching for proof of for decades.

But then again, nobody has proved that Bigfoot doesn't exist. And if Bigfoot were real, why wouldn't he be living in the New York forests? It's a perfect environment for a potentially mythical creature to spend its days being captured in the background of the grainiest video footage that's ever existed. Surely scientists will discover proof that Bigfoot exists one day after all these years of trying.

I'll keep waiting patiently for the hard evidence but I'll say it's unlikely that Bigfoot is living in Chautauqua County. But I wish these western New York residents the best of luck in their journey to prove Bigfoot has been there all along.

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