COVID-19 has many people ignoring the signs of heart attacks and strokes, the American Heart Association has launched their “Don’t Die of Doubt” awareness campaign.

The coronavirus has people stressed and scared, and then there are those trying to convince themselves they are not.

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Many feel that emergency wards are too busy with COVID patients and will put off the signs that they are having a stroke or a heart attack.

I spoke with Amy Skiba Regional Director of the American Heart association on First News Binghamton this morning, and she said that hospitals are still the safest place, and if you have an emergency such as a heart attack or stroke you should call 911 immediately.

The American Heart Association has joined with UHS in raising awareness through a new message statement “Don’t Die of Doubt” that encourages people to react quickly to the warning signs.

Skiba says “hospital staffs are trained as well as EMT’s and we want to make sure you are going to the hospitals when you are experiencing the signs of a Heart attack, those are things you do not want to ignore”

Especially if you’re experiencing the symptoms of a stroke “Time is Brain” Skiba says “If you are having a stroke, the amount of time that passes before you get to a hospital is critical”

Skiba said “According to the CDC, we have seen about a 42 percent decrease in the amount of people that are going to the emergency room compared to last year” “we need you to seek help if you are in these situations”

The American Heart Association says everyone should know the signs of heart attack or stroke

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