October 29th is World Stroke Day, and its main purpose is to highlight the serious and deadly impact it can have, and how to prevent a stroke.

Speaking on WNBF’s First News Binghamton on Tuesday morning Kristy Smorol communications director for the American Heart Association said one of the main goals is getting people to move more to eat healthier and reduce their stress, all of these things can impact your Brain and heart health.

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A stroke is an interruption of the blood flow to the brain, causing the brain cells to lose oxygen Smorol says that is why it is so important to get help as quickly as possible.

Smorol reminds people to remember the acronym F-A-S-T

F stands for “Face Drooping” if you see someone who can’t smile of you can visually see half of their face drooping.

A stands for “Arm Weakness” Someone who can’t lift their arms up or are having difficulty writing of holding an object.

S stands for  “Speech Difficulty”  someone might be speaking gibberish or they may be slurring their words.

T stands for “Time to call 9-1-1”  Time is brain when it comes to stroke, the quicker you get help the better your chances are.

Smorol says Living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to avoid strokes and heart disease, eating fruits and vegetables and exercising.

The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per week   or 30 minutes five days a week.

Smorol reminds people you can make small changes that can lead up to a big difference.

For more information about Strokes and Heart Disease and how to prevent them  CLICK HERE



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