In addition to my now infamous fear of bears, this disgusting yellow slime that's actually alive just gave me another reason to never go into the woods.

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation posted this image to Facebook on Monday morning.

Now at first glance, most people would save it's a weirdly bright fungus on a tree that's clearly going through something right now.

But according to the post, that gross yellow slime is actually alive and capable of moving up to 4 centimeters per hour. And here's the worst part, the yellow slime mold is apparently capable of solving mazes. It even has an exhibit in the Paris Zoo.

Apparently, the yellow slime is a native and natural part of the New York forest environment, mostly responsible for taking care of decomposing matter. The slime you see here is located in the Ferris Lake Wild Forest in Herkimer County. So even though it's a weird-looking living slime, it's perfectly healthy for the forest and poses no threat whatsoever.

To be clear, I'm not nearly as afraid of the yellow slime as I am of bears. That should be obvious. But what I am concerned about is knowing that with my luck, I'll accidentally sit on some yellow slime and it'll take the opportunity to mindlessly spread until I look like a comic book villain. Luckily, I work in radio so no one will ever have to know that I turned into a gross yellow slime man.

And in case you want to see what the disgusting yellow slime looks like when it's moving, there's a video for you.

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