Remember when we trusted everything we were told? Okay, maybe that was never the case, but when we were kids, we tended to believe what we heard or were told, especially by our parents. Like when we asked our parents how babies are born. That was fake news until we learned the truth. A stork delivers babies, right?

With scams being a part of everyday life, our guard is up when it comes to things that sound too good to be true. And social media surely has ramped up eh believe it or not theories as well. And that's why I like to visit a website called Verify, to find out what the current truth or fake statements are in reality.

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Someone mentioned recently on Twitter that if you don't have air-conditioning at your home, apartment, or whatever it is you live in, to keep cool this summer, aluminum foil is the trick. Summer begins June 21st, and you know we are going to have some pretty hot days to sweat through.

At first,  was a bit skeptical about the idea of cooling your home with the help of aluminum. Well, the folks at Verify decided to look into the matter. What did they find to the question of placing aluminum foil over windows to help keep homes cool?  They found that statement on Twitter to be true.

The Verify article states "Emergency management agencies specifically recommend using 'aluminum foil-covered cardboard' between windows and drapes to reflect heat back outside.' that makes perfect sense.

Verify notes that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) had published an article about this cooling tip, along with five other ways to keep cool this summer, especially during extreme heat, like part of the country has been experiencing.

It won't replace an air-conditioner, but it should help those who don't have an AC unit in their home. By the way, check out my article on air-conditioning assistance. You may quality. Keep cool this summer.

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