There are several reports coming out today (Thursday) concerning Major League Baseball (MLB), the New York Mets and the Mets' minor league players. First of all in an article in the New York Post written by Mike Puma he reports that the New York Mets are releasing a number of minor league players in their farm system.  The number and names of those players have not been disclosed. This would coincide with several other Major League teams who are doing the same thing.

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WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo
WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo

Contrary to some reports there is no verification of New York not continuing to pay their minor league players through the end of June. However, if minor league player cuts are occurring the amount of money needed to pay the remaining players in the farm system is greatly diminished.  Originally MLB had guaranteed to pay their minor league players $400 per month through the end of May. If minor league player cuts are indeed verified that vastly decreases the chance of any minor league season including the Eastern League of which the Binghamton Rumble Ponies are members.

In an article written by Deesha Thosar in the Thursday edition of the New York Daily News the Major League Baseball Players Association is countering MLB's compensation proposal released earlier this week with its own plan which includes a minimum 100 game schedule and a guarantee of fully prorated salary shares.  MLB's proposal had a complex salary compensation formula with the salaries of the highest paid players receiving a larger percentage salary cut.

There are several potential issues with the Player's Association counter proposal.  First of all jamming in 100 or more games into a compressed schedule filled with doubleheaders increases the potential for injury.  With that risk comes the likelihood that the "regulars" and superstars will need more rest and more days off than under the usual regular season schedule so they may actually play less in that span than expected.

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