According to a report by Julia Soluri of WKBW, afternoon commuters on the New York State Thruway in Western New York had a crappy drive home after a liquid manure truck overturned.

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According to the report, a tractor trailer crashed on the New York State Thruway between the Depew and Pembroke exits, spilling liquid manure across the road. The accident required all eastbound traffic on the highway to be diverted to an earlier exit. The report did not indicate if anyone had been injured during the accident.

Talk about a rough way to end your workday. The absolute last thing I would want to see driving home on Vestal Parkway is manure scattered across the road and detours being put in place. Not only is it an annoying addition of time to your commute, but even if you have your windows closed you just know the smell of liquid manure is going to find its way into the car.

And even after the initial cleanup, you know there's no way crews got every bit of manure cleared away. That section of the road is going to make your eyes water until the next big rain washes it all away. And you'll have to worry about leftover liquid manure getting on your tires and under your car.

Accidents are never good, but at least if somebody spills 30,000 pounds of bananas on their way to Scranton, Pennsylvania, you don't have to worry about the smell. Once those bananas get cleared up, everything goes right back to normal like it never even happened.

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