Cortland County Sheriff’s officials are warning there is a phishing email circulating notifying people that their electronic W2s for taxes are available for view and to click on what is actually a phony link that could suck the victim’s personal information once they land on the site.

The site looks like the organization’s Human Resources site and tries to get login, password, tax, bank account, personal contact and benefit information.

Authorities say you should not reply to emails with personal information and do not click a link in an unsolicited email message.

As a general rule, people are advised not to use the same password for their work, bank, Facebook and other accounts and change all passwords if you suspect any account could be compromised or in danger.

Another tip:  be just as cautious opening email received on a cell phone.  It could be easier to miss the telltale signs of phishing when reading a smaller screen.

Anyone receiving the electronic W2 email should not open the message.



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