Growing up, wherever we lived, our home's water came from a well. And it was always the coldest, best-tasting water on the planet. After I moved out and on my own, in every home I've lived in, including my current home, water is delivered through a public water system. Some have been tolerable and some, I refuse to drink.

For those of you who get your water from a well, I am envious. That being said, it's important to make sure that the water you and your family are drinking, is safe. The New York State Department of Health has several things that you should do to ensure you are consuming safe well water.

From the NYS Department of Health website, they recommend you test your well water each year for bacteria and 3 to 5 years for other contaminants. That includes lead, nitrate, nitrite, arsenic, sodium, iron, manganese, turbidity, ph, hardness, and alkalinity.

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When you perform maintenance or flush your well, it's a good time to test for E. coli and coliform bacteria.

If your property gets flooded, test your water if you notice any changes such as the way it looks, smells, or tastes. That also goes for any land-use changes or local contaminants according to the NYS Department of Health.

And if you find contaminants in your water system, the first step is to stop using that water and use bottled water for everything you would use your well water for. The NYS Department of Health has several steps for restoring your well, including checking for damage, preparing, flushing, disinfecting, testing, and how to contact for help.

For more information and helpful advice, contact your local health department or the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation spill hotline at (800) 457-7362. Tet you well, and keep your family safe.

via New York State Department of Health

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