The ride-sharing group, Urber, may be looking for drivers in Broome County soon.

Uber has released an Economic Impact Report for Binghamton that says more than 200 jobs could be created in the region in a year if the transportation service is allowed to operate state-wide instead of just in New York City.

Binghamton Mayor Richard David has come out in support of state-wide regulations for ride-sharing services, making it easier for businesses like Uber to operate in areas outside of New York City.

Uber NY General Manager Josh Mohrer says Binghamton is one of many cities that would see an immediate economic benefit from the added jobs and the increased access to businesses for permanent residents and college students.

Uber says of the more the 350-thousand New Yorkers outside New York City opening the ride-sharing app, more than 1,500 people in Binghamton download the app each month.

As with other communities, local livery drivers have opposed the encroachment of the ride-sharing service saying it would take a substantial amount of business away from local taxis.



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