According to a report by Ben Mitchell of ABC News 10, a study done by the American Lung Association found that 14% of New York homes contain high levels of radon, a toxic and radioactive gas.

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According to the study, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking tobacco products. 14% of home radon tests in New York found radon levels that were higher than the EPA Action Level. New York ranks 15th in the nation for the lowest number of radon tests higher than the EPA Action Level.

Much like carbon monoxide, radon is one of my greatest fears on the planet. Since the gas is colorless and odorless, I would have no idea that my home was a health hazard until it was entirely too late. At least with carbon monoxide my smoke detector would pick it up. But for all I know my apartment has been full of radon since I moved in and I would have no idea it was there. I may even take the liberty of picking up a couple radon test kits on my way home today just to be sure.

For those like me who won't sleep until they know their home is safe from a colorless and odorless toxic gas, the EPA Action Level is 4 pCi/L. If you find that your home as radon levels higher than that, the American Lung Association recommends taking corrective measures to reduce your exposure to the harmful gas.

According to the CDC, you can lower your home's radon level by having your home's ventilation professionally fixed, increasing air flow by opening windows and using fans or sealing cracks in the floor and walls.

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