I will never claim to be an expert on the subject of high volume hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, but it certainly is an issue that is hard to ignore living in the Southern Tier of New York State.

At this point, it seems that almost everyone has thrown their two cents in on the matter.  There is nothing that I could say that probably hasn't already been said.  I'm certainly not going to lobby for one side over the other as I feel it is not my place... and yes, I have my opinion.

All I know is that this area is struggling economically.  Yes, we've managed to always keep our heads (mostly) above water.  We are strong and have learned to deal with decades of downturn.  Is fracking the answer to turn things around?  Who knows.  What works for one area may not for another and throwing out blanket assumptions is never helpful.

I love this area and it's natural beauty.  Would hydraulic fracturing scar and disease our beloved land?  Should we even care since most of the drilling will be on private land?

OK, so I'm asking more questions than I'm answering... because frankly I don't have the answers.  This issues is on the proverbial razor's edge.  Both sides are becoming more adamant about their cases.

Whether you are for fracking or against, I ask that you do the research before taking a stand.  This issue does affect all of us whether we think it does or not.  In the end, the decision will be mostly out of our hands but we are a nation that can get things done with our voices.

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