If you've been as angry as I've been at the gas pump lately, there's some good news in Binghamton. Gas prices are continuing to fall heading into 2023.

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After all the traveling I've done for holidays over the last month and a half, I've become eerily aware of gas prices in the Binghamton area. Over the summer it wasn't too much of a problem since I don't have to drive too far for work. But pumping a full tank of gas twice in one weekend has me once again annoyed at gas prices.

But the good news, according to AAA gas prices in Binghamton have been consistently trending down over the last month, so if I need to make another lengthy road trip at least I'll be able to save a little cash.

A month ago the average price for a gallon of regular gas was $3.753. Much higher than the year ago average of $3.450 but on its way down considerably. Last week the average price $3.473 and this today it's down to $3.441.

If we keep going on that trend I'll be able to afford to go on as many road trips as I want. Sure it won't help out my wallet when I inevitably spend even more money on healthy road trip snacks (candy) but I'll certainly feel less internal rage while watching the numbers on the gas pump refuse to stop going up. Maybe even after a while gas prices will stop becoming newsworthy enough to talk about.

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