As expected, New York State Attorney General Letitia James has filed a legal motion to try to preserve the state’s complete set of regulations regarding the carrying of concealed weapons.   

The Democrat filed a motion to preserve the Concealed Carry Improvement act after a federal judge last week sided with a group of gun owners in claiming the new regulations banned the carrying of guns into too many areas deemed sensitive and went too far in requiring license applicants to show “proof of character” and submit social media account information. 

New York Governor Hochul Signs Legislation Strengthening Gun Laws
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U.S. District Judge Glenn Suddaby ruled on October 6 that several provisions of the new law were unconstitutional.

The judge ruled, among other points, that the state can’t ban people from carrying guns in Times Square or the New York City subway system but could exclude them from other locations deemed “sensitive” like schools. 

James calls the CCIA “common-sense gun control legislation.”  She says it is “critical in our state’s effort to reduce gun violence.” 

The papers filed by the Attorney General on Monday, October 10 seeks to keep the entire package of gun and licensing regulations in place while an appeal makes its way through the court system. 

The stay issued on New York’s new gun laws by Judge Suddaby is due to go into effect on October 12. 

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The CCIA was hurriedly put together over the summer in an extraordinary session of the New York State Legislature following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that threw out a majority of the state’s conceal carry regulations as officials continue to try to battle ongoing incidents of gun violence. 

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies on the local level continue to try to cope with changing regulations, an increase in requests for gun licenses and uncertainty about what regulations may look like in the near future. 

Last week, the Tioga County Sheriff’s office put out an advisory to residents that they had the new forms available to amend existing Pistol Permits to include the Semi-Automatic Rifle licenses. 

Amended forms that are currently acceptable are available at the Sheriff’s office or through the New York State Police website. 

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