New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office and the Binghamton Police report dozens of firearms have been turned in under the latest gun buyback event.

Officials say 88 firearms were turned in to law enforcement, no questions asked, on Saturday, October 15 at Saint Mary’s Recreation Center on Hawley Street. The Binghamton event collected 33 long guns, 50 handguns, two assault weapons and three non-working guns.

Photo: New York Attorney General's office
Photo: New York Attorney General's office

The Attorney General has been paying out gift cards for working and non-working firearms and gun parts through gun buyback events and other initiatives since 2019, although gun amnesty programs have been conducted occasionally over the past several decades.

Since 2013, the Office of the Attorney General has collected over 5,600 firearms. Letitia James’ administration is credited with over 3.600 of the collected firearms since 2019.

In a news release from the Attorney General’s office, James calls gun violence an epidemic that “continues to endanger New York families.” She says removing unwanted guns from communities is a tool to help battle the crisis.

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The state is paying $250 per assault rifle, $150 per handgun, $75 per rifle or shotgun, $25 per non-working or antique gun, up to $100 for those untraceable “ghost guns” that don’t have serial numbers and up to $25 per homemade gun, 3D-printed gun or gun part.

Recently, the A.G.’s office had to add the stipulation that the guns being returned must be capable of being fired more than once.

That comes after an unidentified man from West Virginia traveled to a buyback in Utica in August and sold 60 3D printed ghost gun parts, getting $2,100 in gift cards. The man said while the money was attractive, he wanted to send a message that gun buybacks are "stupid" and ineffective.

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