Rising programing costs are being cited for a planned Time Warner Cable rate hike.

The increase will take effect with statements issued starting March 1.

Stephanie Salanger, a Time Warner Cable spokeswoman in Syracuse, told WNBF News the rate adjustment will average just over 2.5 percent.

Salanger said it won't affect about two-thirds of the cable customers who now take advantage of a promotional package. They'll continue to be charged the current rate until the promotional period concludes.

Salanger said programing expenses continue to increase dramatically.

The last Time Warner Cable rate hike took effect about a year-and-a-half ago.

Salanger said the company continues to make investments to provide new products and offerings to its customers.

Late last year, Time Warner instituted a $3.95 monthly Internet modem charge. Modems previously had been provided as part of the company's Internet service.

Time Warner Cable launched an advertising campaign two weeks ago in an effort to lure back customers lost to competitors in recent years.

Salanger said the company has received "good feedback" since that marketing effort began. She said Time Warner is working to deliver improved customer service and products not available elsewhere.

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