A home where the buffalo roam is apparently in Richfield Springs in Otsego County and the farmer wants to get the hoofed escapees back where they belong.

European Bison Project Seeks A Return To The Wild
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New York State Police say about 75 buffalo escaped from a farm in the Town of Sharon and helped themselves to hay still growing in fields on Honey Hill Road July 25, ruining the crop and snacking on some harvested first-harvest bales.  Some of the bulls and calves have been recaptured but some buffalo still roam.

The farmer and a Department of Environmental Conservation Officer came up with a plan to attempt to corral and funnel the buffalo in a recapture area but the herd fractured and some scattered to other locations.  Some buffalo have been seen on Mill Pond Road in Schoharie to Pleasant Brook in the Town of Roseboom.  Authorities say someone may be harassing the animals with all terrain vehicles and dirt bikes.

Anyone spotting any stray buffalo can contact Brian, the farmer, at (518) 588-1402 or State Police at (315) 858-1122.

Residents should not approach the animals since they are wild and can be unpredictable and dangerous.

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