In a news release on May 28, 2024, from the Office of New York State State Senator Andrew Gounardes, over a dozen technologists, including Chris Hughes, an original co-founder of Facebook, along with Joe Toscano, a former Google Experience Design consultant, sent a memo of support to Albany leadership calling for the passage of the Stop Addictive Feeds Exploitation for Kids Act (SAFE for Kids Act.)

The New York State's legislative session ends on June 6th. According to the release, the group refutes many of Big Tech's false claims as they lobby to keep the status quo, including the claim that prohibiting the use of addictive algorithmic feeds would "make things worse" for minors.

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There are currently 94 sponsors in the New York Assembly and 25 sponsors in the State Senate for the SAFE for Kids Act, labeled Senate Bill S7694. The news release notes the contents of the memo to Albany:

We are a group of individuals who have founded, led, and dedicated a significant amount of our professional lives to technology companies. We write to you because we are concerned by the alarming mental health risks posed by social media on children and teens, and because, as technologists, we disagree with the role that Big Tech has played in both creating and trying to pass off responsibility for the youth mental health crisis... In light of the seriousness of the problem that social media presents to our youth and the technologies that already exist, we urge you to pass the SAFE for Kids Act.

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Recently, the New York City Council passed a resolution calling on the Legislature to pass, and the Governor to sign, both pieces of legislation. For more information on this effort, including the complete memo sent to Albany, visit the Read Media website.

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