Time to Rescan
Southern Tier residents who still view television over-the-air with an antenna are going to have to go through another re-scanning of their channels.
Caroline Goggin's Story
Television news anchor Caroline Goggin was 27 years old when she suffered a stroke, just days after returning from her honeymoon in Italy.
WBNG Anchor Files Claim
A Binghamton TV news anchor has filed an insurance claim against the Town of Union after he was seriously injured when a fire escape collapsed at a Johnson City building.
Signing Off
Long-time Binghamton television reporter Candace Chapman is leaving the WBNG newsroom in Johnson City.
Senate Debate
A debate featuring the candidates for the 52nd District New York State Senate seat will be broadcast Thursday evening.
Republican Fred Akshar and Democrat Barbara Fiala discussed a range of issues during a session recorded Tuesday afternoon at the WBNG-TV studios in Johnson City...
Journalists Shocked
The on-air shooting of a reporter and videographer of during a Virginia television station's morning newscast has renewed discussions of the safety of working journalists.
Police in southwest Virginia said the suspect in Wednesday's shooting during a "live shot" died short…

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