Waterman Conservation Center, which owns the IBM Glen nature area says it, unfortunately, will have to chop down some trees.

In a statement published January 20, the group says some trees rescued from a logging operation in 2004 will have to be cut due to an infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer beetle.

Officials say the invasive beetle has already begun infesting ash trees in the area.  Once infested the trees quickly die and decay, posing a hazard to people trying to enjoy the Glen.  A similar situation was recently addressed by the Binghamton University Nature Preserve, Cornell Plantations and other wooded areas used by the public.

Waterman will be removing trees within falling distance of the paved trails but leave felled trees that aren’t near the trails to rot naturally.

According to the published statement, Waterman says the work is expected to be done during the months of January and February, closing the IBM Glen to visitors from sunrise until 3 p-m while the work is underway in the interest of safety.

The Glen is to remain open on weekends and evenings but visitors are asked to avoid any equipment or areas that are marked “off limits.”

More information can be found at www.watermancenter.org.

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