pistol permits

Price hike
The price of everything is going up... including the cost of a pistol permit in Broome County.
The fee charged by the sheriff's office has been raised by almost $25 to $140.
Broome County Sheriff David Harder says the increase took effect last Friday...
Flood of applications
Pistol permit applications continue to pour into the Broome County Sheriff's Office and that's prompted a change in business hours.
Starting next week, the pistol permit and ID office in the town of Dickinson will be open Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 a...
Broome Pistol Permit Information Won’t Be Released
Names and addresses of Broome County pistol permit holders aren't going to be released.
A Binghamton man who submitted a Freedom of Information Law request seeking the information from the Broome County Sheriff's Office today was advised the request was denied...