False Report

House, Vehicle Damaged
Johnson City police say two men have been arrested following an investigation into damage to a residence and a vehicle caused by a gun.
Authorities say 27-year-old Alexander Parsons of Johnson City was charged with two counts of criminal mischief...
Dryden False Report
A 16-year-old boy faces a felony count for allegedly activating a fire alarm at a Tompkins County adolescent treatment facility when there was no emergency.
Authorities say Steven Barksdale, who lives at the William George Agency in Dryden, was arrested on Sunday...
False alarm
Two Tioga County men have been arrested after an early-morning fire alarm at Candor Central High School.
Authorities say 19-year-old Jonathan Lipka and 18-year-old Dylan Rogers, both of Candor, are suspected of entering the high school without permission early Saturday morning...
False report
Binghamton police say they believe a man concocted a story about being robbed at gunpoint.
Authorities say 45-year-old Osborn Young of Binghamton has been charged with falsely reporting an incident.
Young had told investigators he was robbed on August 30 near 165 Robinson Street...

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