When a member of our community created something to inspire us, it’s nice to recognize their accomplishments.

A local English professor from SUNY Corning Community College is releasing his latest book titled “Journey Work: Crafting s Life of Poetry & Spirit.

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Professor Edward A Dougherty’s book is a personal journey that brings readers along through 18 essays that chronicles how he became the writer that he is today.

According to a news release SUNY CCC Professor Dougherty allows readers to take a look at their own journey and where they are heading.

Dougherty says “Learning the craft of writing, for me, has been a way to grow in authenticity,”, “If we are lucky these questions never resolve themselves completely or for long.”

Dougherty has an MFA in creative writing from Bowling Green State University his past works include poetry collections and other books including Grace Street, House of Green Water and Everyday Objects.

The Professor has been a staple at SUNY Corning Community College for over two decades. (August 1999)

Dougherty says his latest book Journey Work traces his own development from his days as a gawky undergrad to a serious MFA candidate.

The book also includes highlights from his time at a peace center in Hiroshima along with his discoveries in poetry and writing.’

If you’re interested in learning more about Professors Dougherty’s latest book, check out the YouTube trailer CLICK HERE



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