A brief tale of despair was scrawled on a fake vehicle inspection sticker discovered by state troopers based in Endwell.

New York State Police posted a photo of the handwritten message on social media Wednesday.

Inside the yellow block where official text normally would be found was a note in capital letters that read: "NEW YORK STATE. SORRY LIFE SUX. INSUFFICIENT FUNDS & A BABY."

The state police Facebook entry offered few details about the "sticker." It said troopers operating out of the Endwell station "were conducting another investigation when they caught something off about this inspection sticker..."

The agency provided no information regarding where the vehicle was discovered or whether troopers attempted to ascertain the well-being of the owner.

The state police social media post quickly received more than 1,000 comments, many from people expressing concern for a person who may be encountering serious financial difficulties.

One woman wrote: "It's a sad reality many are facing today and I'm not ashamed to admit we're almost in the same boat between bills, meds and fuel costs."

Another woman commented about the agency publicizing the bogus sticker: "State police posting this. It's a sad economic time and think them posting it is sad. Obviously this person wasn't able to get the car inspected didn't have the money to fix the repairs. How about we cut the guy a break or something so trivial. There are real criminals out there to attend to. I hope only a warning was issued in this case."

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