New York State Police are reminding people they don’t make calls to raise money for their police benevolent charity.   

The warning comes as Troopers say there have been several recent reports being made to the authorities concerning telephone calls coming from the 607 area code where the caller is trying to get people to “donate” to the P.B.A.

Kathy Whyte/ WNBF News
Kathy Whyte/ WNBF News

The New York State Police say they or representatives of their charitable organization never make telephone calls to solicit donations or conduct any other official business. 

Troopers say anyone getting one of the calls should just hang up. Do not give out personal information. 

Similar scams where callers or people sending emails or texts to would-be victims surface occasionally, many times in the spring when some real fund drives for police camps and other programs are underway. 

Normally, police benevolent groups will post a notification on official sites informing residents when a legitimate money-raising effort is being launched. 

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If residents get a call from someone claiming to represent a police organization with a general name like: “The Police Officers Association” and don’t give a specific police agency, the call is most likely a scam or, at best, is raising money that is distributed nationwide or even internationally.  Another clue alerting residents of a scam is a call where the so-called “charity” tries to pressure a person into giving or guilt them into making a contribution. 

Also, be aware of calls where the criminal poses as a law enforcement or court official who claims the recipient of the call is in some kind of trouble or owes money for a fine or ticket.  Those calls are also fake.  Police and justice officials do not conduct business over the phone, never ask for personal information or demand payment either in cash or gift cards. 


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