A decades-old holiday tradition in Binghamton is open and ready to greet families.   

Roberson Museum’s Home for the Holidays opened November 17 and will continue through January 6 with the Roberson mansion and museum open 7-days a week and with extended hours.  

There are trees and rooms throughout the three floors celebrating the region’s varied ethnic heritage, businesses, design and fantasy.  

photo- KB Grey Townsquare Binghamton
photo- KB Grey Townsquare Binghamton

The museum and science center is also offering special planetarium shows as part of the event and there are other traditional treats including crafting projects for children and families and musical and art performances on special days. 

The display began decades ago as the “Roberson Christmas Tree Forest” and featured a few dozen trees decorated in the traditions of nations with a large immigrant population in the region.  The number of trees from various countries has grown tremendously with transplants from even more countries settling in the region, including the addition over the years of displays representing Laos, Vietnam, Somalia and Latin countries. 

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The early years of the exhibit also kept the home of Alonzo and Margaret Roberson a place for decorations that the Robersons may have had in their parlors, dining room and ballroom when they were alive.  The mansion space has since been taken over by designers and amazing story-driven displays. 

This year, visitors will even get a look at what happens when you allow a certain northeast game bird to participate in the festivities. 

KB Grey/ Townsquare Binghamton
KB Grey/ Townsquare Binghamton

Another popular part of the visit to the museum is the model train display that meticulously recreates streetscapes of the Twin Tiers in miniature. 

For tickets and hours go to Roberson.org. 

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