The novel "Don't Even Think of Speeding on Riverside Drive" signs are a distant memory but Binghamton drivers are still being encouraged to slow down on the busy street.

Mayor Juanita Crabb received criticism when she ordered the installation of customized signs warning motorists against speeding on Riverside Drive back in 1987. Some city residents complained that the West Side was receiving special treatment.

Although the "Don't Even Think" signs are long gone, speeding remains a problem on the street, especially on the western portion of Riverside as drivers enter Binghamton from Johnson City.

A city police "speed trailer" with a large red display showing how fast vehicles are traveling has been placed on Riverside Drive between Crary Avenue and Matthews Street this week.

A morning drive spot check revealed several vehicles were clocked going 40 miles per hour or faster in the 30 mph zone.

The speed trailer unit is set up at various spots around the city to help "remind" motorists to pay attention to how fast they are going.

The unusual "Don't Even Think of Speeding" signs didn't last long on Riverside Drive. After they were repeatedly stolen, the experiment came to a quiet conclusion.

The "speed trailer" warning sign was set up on Riverside Drive, a few blocks west of the Johnson City line on February 5, 2020. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

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