Some shoppers at a major supermarket chain may be doing a double-take if they ask for paper bags these days.

Schenectady-based Price Chopper has reduced the size of the paper bags it uses in its stores. The smaller bags (designated as 1/7 BBL instead of 1/6 BBL) began showing up in Price Chopper stores a few weeks ago.

Price Chopper spokeswoman Mona Golub told WNBF News the switch to the smaller bags will result in some savings to the company.

The new bags are about two inches shorter than the ones they replace.

Golub said a very small percentage of Price Chopper customers request paper bags. Most opt for plastic bags or reusable bags.

Golub said Price Chopper has sold about 350,000 heavy-duty reusable bags over the past couple of years.

Two other major supermarket chains - Wegmans and Weis - are still using the larger paper bags in their Southern Tier stores.

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