April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the Family Violence Prevention Council of Broome County has launched a comprehensive campaign to raise awareness and prevent instances of child abuse in Brome County.

PreventChildAbuse.org is a national organization that works to prevent child abuse and neglect, and this year’s national theme is Building a Hopeful Future, Together.

The Family Violence Prevention Council of Broome County joins in with this year's theme, hosting several initiatives that build hopeful futures throughout Broome County in April.

One of the events will be the Come And Play Day at the Oakdale Commons on April 4th. It's a fun event for the entire family. Read all about it here - Come & Play Day!

Other activities in April will include:

Sharing our Kindergarten Kits - up to 2,250 families who register a first-time student in their local school will get a kit containing prevention material focusing on childhood health, community resources, and wellness tools for families. They are free to families.

2nd Annual Wrap Party - at the Chenango Forks High School Library on April 26th. From 5:30 to  7 p.m., the party will celebrate all the Broome County students who submitted their artwork for the 3rd Annual Art Contest, featuring refreshments, artwork, and awards.

The Family Violence Prevention Council of Broome County is also debuting this month, their 2024 outdoor billboard campaign. The billboard will display the winning artwork of Vestal Middle School student, Gabby Laubisch, a student from Vestal Middle School, whose artwork illustrated this year's theme of "Be the Light."

For more information about April events and the Family Violence Prevention Council of Broome County, visit their website, or call 607-778-2153.

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