My husband and I were dead tired on Saturday and he asked if I wanted to order delivery for dinner instead of finding something to cook. I told him no, that I'd rather save money and just pull something out of the freezer to make. Now, I'm kicking myself.

After I said I'd just cook something, Jay tried to tempt me further by saying that if there was something I wanted from Zona & Co. Grille, he'd go himself and pick it up to bring home. I stood firm on my stance that I'd cook something, but I so wish now that I would have caved then.

I pass by Zona every day on my way to and from work and when I was sitting by the light yesterday, I realized that the front deck was awfully snow covered, which isn't normal for Zona. They're usually amazing at clearing off the deck because people like to congregate there, no matter the weather.

Traci Taylor

This morning I learned that Zona has closed their doors, and permanently, according to WBNG who report that they spoke with management who confirmed the news but gave no reason why.

I stopped by this morning before the world was even remotely close to being awake and peeked in the side window. There were some soft lights and a television set on. Tables and chairs were still set as though Zona were waiting for customers. However, a sign on a side door states that Zona is in fact, closed.

Traci Taylor

I definitely didn't see this coming and am pretty bummed because I've got so many great memories of times spent at Zona with friends and co-workers. From pre-hockey game parties to the time my buddy dressed up as a shirtless cowboy and entertained (I use that term loosely) customers, and people on the street. I hope that this is just some type of restructuring and not a forever closure as WBNG states that it is.

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