Investigators say a Walton woman whose remains were found in the debris of a Delaware County house destroyed by fire shot herself in the head.

State police say one set of human remains found after the blaze were identified as 48-year-old Debra Sundstrom of South River Road.

Authorities say Sundstrom's death was ruled a suicide. An autopsy determined the cause of death was a gunshot to the head.

Identification of a second set of human remains found in the debris is pending. Police say the manner and cause of death also have yet to be determined.

Investigators say the fire was incendiary in nature and was ruled a case of arson.

Two law enforcement officers were at the residence at 294 John Lockwood Road in the town of Walton Tuesday afternoon to investigate a criminal complaint.

After hearing two gunshots, they went inside and found one body. At that point, they fled from the house after discovering it was on fire.

The second set of human remains was found in the debris the following day.

New York State Police have been assisted by the Delaware County Fire Investigation team and the state Office of Fire Prevention and Control.