State police say a town of Walton man whose wife killed herself last week may have been murdered in February 2010.

Investigators say the remains of 49-year-old Randy Sundstrom were discovered Friday at 1884 South River Road.

Sundstrom's death has been ruled a homicide by Dr. James Terzian, a forensic pathologist at Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton. The cause has not been determined.

Investigators say Sundstrom was the husband of Debra Sundstrom. Police say she committed suicide by shooting herself in the head Tuesday afternoon in a home at 294 John Lockwood Road.

Police who arrived at the house in connection with a criminal investigation heard two gunshots. They went inside and found the 48-year-old Sundstrom's body but had to flee when they discovered the house was on fire.

The remains of a man were discovered in the basement of the residence the following day.

Police say that man has been identified as 51-year-old Dominick Bosco, who lived in the home.

The manner and cause of Bosco's death have not been determined.

Investigators say Randy Sundstrom may have been killed about three years ago. They say they're piecing together information that's been developed over the past week.

Anyone with information about his activities or acquaintances during 2009 and 2010 may contact the state police at 607.561.7400.