Binghamton police say the drive-by shooting death of a Binghamton man on Main Street early September 16 is not the result of a random act, information that is offering little in the way of reassurance for residents.

No arrests have been made in the shooting of 27-year-old Daequan Dickerson of Binghamton shortly after 4:30 a.m. near American Legion Post 80.  Dickerson was walking in the area when a car reportedly pulled up and several shots were fired from the sedan.  Witnesses said they heard about five shots before the car drove off, heading north on Walnut Street.

Three people are believed to have been in the vehicle. Dickerson was pronounced dead at Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City.

Candles and a Bible were placed in front of the American Legion building by people who gathered to mourn Dickerson's death Sunday evening. Relatives say Dickerson was the father of four children.

People with information about the shooting may contact Binghamton police detectives at (607) 772-7080.

Residents of the general area and people who just pass through have said they find no consolation in finding out the authorities say the shooting is believed to have been specifically targeted.

Photo: Bob Joseph WNBF News)
Photo: Bob Joseph WNBF News)

The wounding of a woman in Johnson City as she sat in a parked sport utility vehicle on Willow Street after 3 p.m. September 16 was also said to have been targeted and not a random act.  The woman, who has been released from the hospital, was wounded when a man approached the SUV and fired into the vehicle.  A man was taken into custody shortly after the incident.  His name has not been released.




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