While Pennsylvania schools are trying to gain control over decisions made regarding the fall sports programs in their districts. Governor Tom Wolf has vetoed a bill that would allow those decisions to be made.

Many fall school athletic programs have been postponed or cancelled for the remainder of the year, and others have allowed certain sporting events to continue.

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The bill that would give the individual school districts authority in decisions, like how many spectators to allow at an event was cleared by the house and senate.

Governor Wolf says gatherings at sporting events and activities should be limited to two hundred fifty people at an outdoor event and twenty-five people at an indoor event.

The fall sports programs will return to some school districts in New York State, but under strict state guidance with indoor capacities of no more than fifty percent occupancy, social distancing and face masks are required.

The laws and restrictions keep changing as we continue to work through this pandemic, so expect more changes in the future.

[via pa/gov]


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