Broome County January 28 outlined its guidance for high schools to bring student athletics back on the court and field during the coronavirus pandemic.  Images

Getty Images IPG GuteburgUK Ltd.
Getty Images IPG GuteburgUK Ltd.

The County says in order for high-risk sports to resume, all participants, coaches and other staff must wear masks, districts need to designate a coordinator to oversee their sports protocol plans, have a monitoring system including temperature checks and health assessments, have contact information complete for tracing purposes, place limits on the number of participants and spectators are not allowed.

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Broome County Health officials say they want to see plans from the school districts on how they will adhere to the regulations for resuming high-risk sports.  With guidance, sports like basketball wrestling, competitive cheer and volleyball can resume in the area as early as Monday, February 1 but it is up to the districts, parents or guardians and the student athletes themselves to ultimately decide on participation.

Tioga County a day earlier adopted similar guidelines.

County plans across New York State vary when it comes to whether play will be allowed outside a particular region, county or conference.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo suddenly announced late in the afternoon January 22 that student athletics would be allowed to start February 1.


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