The top political executives in Pennsylvania including Governor Tom Wolf are calling for the legalization of adult marijuana.

According to a press release, Governor Wolf says the revenue from the sale of legal marijuana can help many areas of the COVID-19 economic crisis including small business and the impact of the criminal justice system.

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In a statement this week, Wolf said the pandemic has caused huge disruptions in the state’s economy and with no movement on efforts to get federal aid coming to state and local governments, the Democrat said adult-use cannabis legalization now “will go a long way in helping the state’s economy recover in the future.”

Governor Wolf and Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman highlight other states with legalized marijuana that have raked in what they say are hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue.

Supporters say the legalization of pot could also help ease pressures on the criminal justice system in dealing with low-level offenders. In 2019, Fetterman said nearly 22-thousand people in Pennsylvania were arrested for having a small amount of marijuana.

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