Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is weighing in on the incidents in Washington January 6 where supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol following a rally where Trump told supporters to go to the Hill, and repeatedly claimed the Presidential election had been "stolen" from them.

Congress Holds Joint Session To Ratify 2020 Presidential Election
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Wolf issued a statement as eight of the nine Republican members of Congress from Pennsylvania supported efforts to throw out the Keystone State’s electoral votes for President–elect Joe Biden.  The Democrat says Trump’s supporters attempted a coup, directly a result of what he called “a deliberate disinformation campaign by Republicans from the President down to legislators in Pennsylvania.”

Wolf, in a statement last night said “The actions of Republicans in Pennsylvania and across the country have led to violence. It is their fault. There should be no equivocation.” 

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Meanwhile, members of New York’s National Guard are being sent to Washington, D.C., to help “the peaceful transition of presidential power.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo says 1,000 troops will be sent for up to two weeks, at the request of U.S. National Guard officials.

The Democrat said: "For 244 years, the cornerstone of our democracy has been the peaceful transfer of power, and New York stands ready to help ensure the will of the American people is carried out, safely and decisively."

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