The coronavirus pandemic has been affecting everything and today just got a little sadder for me as a sports fan. The American Hockey League announced that the league's Board of Governors has voted to cancel the rest of the AHL regular season and the Calder Cup Playoffs.

That means the Binghamton Devils campaign has come to a sudden and sad end to its 2019-20 season and the AHL'S standings are considered final and official. You can go here for any ticket or frequently asked Binghamton Devils questions.

They got off to a slow start at the beginning of the season but had rebounded and were the hottest team in the AHL. The B-Devils were making a historic run toward the the time of the stoppage of play.

The Devils had won six games in a row and nine of their last 10 in March and a favorable home schedule down the stretch. Attendance was rising at the Floyd L. Maines Arena and I could feel the excitement on the ice when I was hosting Chuck-a-Puck.

It looked like they were going to make the playoffs for the first time as the Binghamton Devils. As the saying goes "It's about to become real" but unfortunately real became the COVID-19 health crisis.

I still have some great memories for the 2019-20 B-Devils season. There was "Slapshot Weekend" at the Floyd on January 31st and February 1st. However, my favorite memory that will last the rest of my life will be when my daughter, Tara was hosting a French Exchange student named Lucie at our house.

It was Lucie's first-ever hockey game and they both got a chance to ride the Zamboni on the ice between the periods. They both had smiles from ear to ear the whole night...and I did too.

That's what I'll remember for this season. What is your favorite memory from the 2019-20 Binghamton Devils season?

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