A former BU student who authorities say fled to Nicaragua after the murder of fellow BU student Haley Anderson is being charged with her death in the Central American country, according to a Nicaraguan newspaper.

According to an article by El Nuevo Diario, an extradition request by the United States was denied for 23-year-old Orlnado Tercero. Tercero is accused of killing 22-year-old Haley Anderson at Tercero's apartment on Oak Street in Binghamton in March 2018.

Tercero is now charged in Nicaragua with femicide, the report states.

The report explains that in an indictment filed in a court in Managua, Nicaragua, it claims that Tercero killed Anderson while she was drunk and therefore defenseless on March 8, 2018, then boarded a plane that same night to Nicaragua, where Tercero holds dual citizenship.

The indictment also accuses Tercero of leaving Anderson's body on the bed of the apartment, along with a note reading, "I never imagined doing this. I'm sorry."

HALEY ANDERSON (Photo: Facebook)
HALEY ANDERSON (Photo: Facebook)

Tercero has been held in Nicaraguan prison since he was apprehended there while the extradition request from the United States was resolved.

According to El Nuevo Diario, Tercero's case will go to trial in Nicaragua.

Tercero faces a second-degree murder charge in connection to Anderson's death. Police have previously said Tercero and Anderson were romantically involved at one point.

Binghamton police say they received a report about six months before her death that Tercero had slashed all four of her tires.


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