Structures that were used as a production facility by an Endicott shoe firm nearly a century ago are about to be torn down.

Demolition of the former Collingwood Shoe Company building at the corner of Maple Street and Duane Avenue could begin soon. Another structure to the west at 312 Maple Street also will be removed.

Evans Mechanical has acquired the properties from Broome County for a planned expansion project. The buildings are about three blocks east of a massive old Endicott Johnson factory that was demolished a few months ago.

Evans Mechanical has operated on Maple Street in Endicott since 1979. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

Company owner Susan Barnes said an addition is to be constructed to an existing Evans Mechanical building on Maple Street.

Barnes said the business needs additional space for its operations. She said the company is working to "clean up the neighborhood" by removing the neighboring structures.

The buildings slated for demolition were on a site that had previously been contaminated with the chemical TCE from when the site was used for electronic assembly and circuit board various companies for about three decades.

The state oversaw a five-year remediation program to remove the chemicals.

LCP Group of Vestal has been hired to take down the old buildings to clear the way for the expansion project.

Barnes said the changes will enable the company to operate more effectively. She said employment levels for Evans Mechanical vary depending on the season. She said the company now has about 45 workers and will employ around 65 people in the summer months.

The abandoned buildings on Maple Street on the left and in the middle of the photograph will be removed as part of an expansion of Evans Mechanical. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

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