Taking your eyes off the road for just a few seconds doubles your chances of being involved in an auto accident, stay alert while driving, and stay off the devices that distract you.

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According to a press release from NYSEG, National Distracted Driving Awareness Month has been moved to the fall, and once again NYSEG and AAA In New York State have teamed up to remind all drivers and passengers about the dangers involved with distracted driving.

These two organizations remind you to stay alert, and take charge to avoid distractions and focus on the road ahead, mental attention should be top of mind.

The press release quoted Trish Nilsen, Director of Emergency Preparedness for NYSEG as saying “It’s always imperative to stay alert while driving, but this can be particularly important during the changing of seasons as weather and road conditions shift,”

NYSEG and AAA remind people that in many cases vehicle crashes can involve collisions with utility electric poles, or commercial construction vehicles hitting utility power lines and other equipment, that could contain high voltage.

According to NYSEG and RG&E report approximately 450 crashes per year, that cause power outages lasting on an average duration of three hours.

Staying safe and aware on the road will help keep you safe, and also protect our community from the consequences that can result in driver distracted crashes.

 The companies remind drivers to use caution when operating a motor vehicle, they recommend keeping mobile devices out of sight, and using the do not disturb while driving settings on your vehicle, if provided.

If your vehicle is involved in a collision with power lines, NYSEG reminds you to stay inside your car, the ground around you could be energized, sound the horn, roll down the window and yell for help, or use your phone to call 911.

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[via NYSEG.com ]

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