SureScan Corporation -- which for a short time was a subsidiary of Endicott Interconnect Technologies -- is continuing to operate out of a small industrial building in Endwell.

SureScan operations manager James Herard today declined to comment on specifics regarding the company's business when contacted by WNBF News.

Herard said SureScan operates as a stand-alone firm at a facility on Wayne Street, east of the Huron campus where Endicott Interconnect is headquartered.

The latest public reports about employment levels at EIT have indicated that company's workforce has dropped from about 2,000 when it was formed in 2002 to about 600 as of a few weeks ago.

At one point, SureScan and government officials said work to develop and manufacture airport screening equipment would result in 700 jobs.

Herard would not discuss how many people are working for SureScan now.

In May 2006, SureScan Corporation announced it had technology for an explosives detection device called the "x1000."

The most recent company news release posted on SureScan's website is from December 2008 detailing a $5.2 million federal contract from the Transportation Security Administration.

That contract was for "optimization and delivery of SureScan x1000 high speed in-line, explosive detection equipment."

Herard said the work called for under that contract was completed.

Herard would not discuss how many x1000 units actually have been produced, although he said one remains at the SureScan site in Endwell.

The operations manager would not comment on the status of efforts to obtain federal certification for the device.

In January 2006, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer and then-SureScan president James McNamara Jr. announced an x1000 unit had been shipped to a TSA lab in Atlantic City for "pre-certification testing."

The SureScan equipment was touted as superior to existing screening equipment used by airports.

Officials had said the SureScan unit was designed to operate at more than twice the speed of units that were being used by the TSA.

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