Additional job cuts have occurred at i3 Electronics in Endicott.

The company, which is the successor to Endicott Interconnect Technologies, May 13 laid off several people.

An i3 Electronics spokeswoman said eight people were affected by the move. She said the action was taken in an effort to match the company's workforce with its workload.

The spokeswoman said the layoffs were in response to lower-than-expected government contracts and sales orders.

People familiar with the firm's operations say many of the people let go in the latest workforce reduction had worked at the site going back to when it was operated by IBM.

One of those familiar with i3 Electronics said the company had just sold more equipment at the site because it was no longer being used.

In January, company president Robert Nead said i3 Electronics had laid off 28 people.

Old Endicott Interconnect Technologies signs and logos recently were removed from the Huron Campus, which had been home to IBM's sprawling manufacturing operations for decades.

The spot where the main Endicott Interconnect sign had been now is unmarked, with no indication that the site is the headquarters for i3 Electronics.

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