Maybe your water smells or tastes funny.

Maybe it leaves orange rings or white residue in your sink or appliances. Or maybe your skin and hair just don't feel right after you shower.

These are all common signs that you might need better water treatment — and never fear, New York Water Girl can help you solve all of them. New York Water Girl has been conquering the most sinister water problems for over 23 years, and she’s got a variety of affordable water treatment solutions with lifetime warranties!

New York Water Girl offers free residential and commercial water testing and a variety of water treatment solutions, including Encore TwistPro reverse osmosis system and Encore Reveal premium water filtration system.

Reveal removes chlorine and chloramine, heavy metals, and algae — more than what a traditional treatment system does. This whole house water treatment system uses reticulated media that produces less waste water and causes less of a pressure drop compared to systems with granular media.

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Meanwhile, TwistPro is a reverse osmosis system with filters that can be replaced with a quick twist of your wrist and that remove up to 99 percent of contaminants from your drinking water. It also has an optional refrigerator and ice maker kit available.

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Of course, New York Water Girl has several other water treatment options and is committed to finding the right solution for your home and budget. When it comes to fixing your water, call New York Water Girl at 833-449-2837 or visit