The Mondelez International warehouse on Kentucky Avenue in Endwell. [Bob Joseph/WNBF News][/caption]

A snack food warehouse that's been in Endwell for decades will close soon.

Mondelez International plans to sell the building that houses its distribution branch on Kentucky Avenue in a few months. A company spokeswoman on Friday said "less than 15 employees" work at the site.


Mallomars and other Nabisco snacks will be taking a new route to the grocery store. [Bob Joseph/WNBF News][/caption]

The warehouse is used by Mondelez, which was created when Kraft Foods spun off its grocery operations four years ago. Nabisco brand snacks are among the items handled by the facility.

A statement from Mondelez indicated the company has informed its employees of plans to "redefine operations" in the region while maintaining direct-store delivery service and related drivers.

In response to questions from WNBF News, the Mondelez spokeswoman said the company intends to move to a "cross-dock service model" and shut down the Endwell site.

The statement indicated Mondelez planned to move to a new location in the Binghamton area in the second quarter of the year. Direct-store delivery drivers will operate from the new site.

The Mondelez spokeswoman said the company will continue to distribute its products in the region with its current employees. She said a small number of workers "may be impacted, but that is still to be determined."

Food products to be sold in the Binghamton area will be trucked from a Mondelez distribution center in Tatamy, Pennsylvania - northeast of Allentown.

Although the company won't identify the site of its new cross dock facility, it's believed it intends to use the FedEx Freight property in the Town of Kirkwood. FedEx Freight plans to leave that site when construction on its new cross dock facility in the Town of Nichols is completed this spring.


FedEx Freight will move from this facility in the Town of Kirkwood when its new site in Tioga County is ready. [Bob Joseph/WNBF News][/caption]

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