Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo says the gun control measures approved by the legislature would have been better if New Yorkers had been able to offer their ideas about what should be done to address gun violence.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Lupardo said a lot of changes were contained in a single bill.

Lupardo expressed frustration that lawmakers had little input in the process and were unable to discuss concerns their constituents had with the wide-ranging package of proposals.

Lupardo said "we could have had a better product if we had had some public input."

The Endwell Democrat said she understood the "genuine sense of urgency" to act in the aftermath of the Connecticut school shooting.

But, she said, when emotions are that high "sometimes it's best to take a step back" to make sure that the correct actions are taken.

Lupardo acknowledged she was troubled at having to vote against the bill because it contained some provisions she supports.

Lupardo said the mental health provisions in the bill are problematic, noting she's already heard from some doctors and psychologists who wish they'd been consulted before lawmakers acted.

The assemblywoman said she's sure that some changes will have to be made in parts of the bill approved by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Cuomo this week.


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