The Kopernik Observatory Celebrates the 548th Birthday of its Namesake on Friday February 19th  with a virtual event on their YouTube channel.

The Winter Star Party event will feature many special guests, from well known to first time speakers, with interesting presentations on the life of Mikolaj Kopernik.

Weather permitting, there will also be some live stream observations in the night sky, through the Kopernik telescopes, along with other special surprises.

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The pandemic has caused the Kopernik Observatory to close its doors, but they have been able to interact with people through their YouTube channel.

Last year’s Kopernik birthday celebration included nearly 300 people, and with the event going virtual this year, they hope to have even more participate.

The virtual live stream events have been a very popular addition during the pandemic, and the Kopernik YouTube subscribers have soared to over 2000.

Check out some of the upcoming virtual presentations including “Winter Skies” this Friday February 12th ,and the exciting landing of the Mars Rover Perseverance on Thursday February 18th

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