We have all heard and seen the coming of electric vehicles, and this Friday the Kopernik invites you to a program that will introduced the latest in electric transportation.

This Friday July 16th join the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center in Vestal, NY for the program, titled “The EV Experience-Can You Go Electric?”

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We are in the middle of a personal transportation revolution as reducing our carbon footprint is creating a movement to create and innovate the electric vehicle infrastructure.

Many feel in order to decarbonize our world we must move towards cleaner modes of transportation.

According to a news release the Friday night program “The EV Experience-Can You Go Electric?” is presented by Kopernik Educator Jeremy Cartie who made the switch to electric transportation a year ago will share his personal experiences and prospective in the world of EV’s.

The program will also show you how electric vehicles actually work, the experiences behind the wheel, and how technology and society is improving and moving towards an EV future.

The Kopernik is now welcoming people in person, but asked that all who are not vaccinated wear a mask, those who are vaccinated have the option of wearing a mask or not.

The door open this Friday July 16th at 8pm with the presentation beginning at 8:30pm.

Those who cannot attend are welcome to watch the program livestreamed on Kopernik’s YouTube Channel which will also offer the opportunity to asks questions through live chat.


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