A Johnson City store that reportedly had been making marijuana available via a "gifting" scheme has been closed.

Village police chief Brett Dodge said a search warrant was executed at the shop called High Standards. He said the business at 279 Floral Avenue had "popped up over a single weekend."

Police developed sufficient evidence regarding the operation to obtain a search warrant which was executed on November 22.

The view through the front window of the High Standards store on December 6, 2022. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)
The view through the front window of the High Standards store on December 6, 2022. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

Dodge said 1.25 pounds of marijuana was confiscated from the store. He said two employees were charged with unlawful possession and issued appearance tickets.

A village code enforcement representative accompanied police as the business was searched. Dodge said citations were issued for alleged code violations.

Over the past year, "gifting" shops have been springing up around New York in the aftermath of the passage of a law that allows adults to give each other weed.

Under the law, it's illegal for unlicensed businesses to sell marijuana. Some operators have been trying to take advantage of a loophole to sell people "stickers" or other similar items and then accept them in exchange for a certain amount of weed.

Dodge said he believed his department's move to shut down the Floral Avenue shop was the first action of its kind by police in Broome County.

Legal marijuana businesses will be allowed in designated areas of Johnson City. The police chief said they'll have to be operated in compliance with village code regulations and state law.

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